Thrifty Thursdays!!!!!!

Every Wednesday is Goodwill/Thrift store day for me - my favorite day of the week. I love browsing through the isles and finding fun stuff. I don't look at the item as is - I look at it's potential. So - I give you Thrifty Thursdays! I am going to show off all of my finds from my Wednesday shopping adventure!

I collect milk glass so this was a big find - the ashtray was $2.00 and the rectangle dish was 50 cents (I'm pretty sure that it was a part of a butter dish.) The glass plates were 25 cents a piece (going to turn them into cake plates) and the white platter was $1.00:

Two candle sticks - haven't decided what to do with them yet or what color they will eventually be - they were only a quarter each. (yep I said a quarter each) The little stainless steel cup was 10 cents and it has Christmas 1981 etched on it - which was my first Christmas:

My favorite find of the day - a light blue fire king casserole dish - $2.00! I'm going to use this in the bathroom to hold my makeup:

More to come next Thursday and every Thursday after that!


Gabrielle said...

OOO, look at all you cool finds. I went to thrift stores today but didn't find anything! I love milk glass too. Have a PEAR-fect day!

French Picnic said...

French Picnic loves your treasures!!

Marie-Jolie said...

I love everything!! I'm such a thrift store junkie, and usually find my absolute favorite things there! :) Love the casserole dish especially.

Joanne said...

Stopping by from PEAR... what great finds for you!

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