Fabric Wreath!

OMG - I can't believe that it has been over three months since I have posted anything!!! It's an understatement to say that I have been busy! My photography business is doing really well right now - but I missed my blog and all of my wonderful followers! Here is one of my first crafts of the Christmas season!

I love love shopping the fabric section at Hobby Lobby - so many bright and beautiful prints! I am constantly buying yards when it's on sale and I have finally found something to do with some of it.

Isn't she beautiful!

Here is how I did it:

I started off by wrapping my wreath form with a strip of fabric.

Once I got it completely covered I started with my little flowers. I cut tons of circles out of coordinating fabrics - 3 different sizes. I used some glasses to trace for my circles - but anything would do!

Next I stacked the three sizes on top of each other and just kind of "pinched" one side and folded it to the middle and then pinched the other side and folded it to the middle.

Then I just stuck a straight pen through the middle of the folds and stuck it in the wreath form.

And that's it! I made several different kinds out of some of my favorite fabrics!

Have a good Tuesday!!

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