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$7.00 Starburst Mirror!

I am sooooo proud that I finally got this project finished! I've had the mirror, $2.62 from GoodWill, for about 4 months or so - just sitting in my craft cabinet waiting to be turned into something fabulous. I bought some bamboo skewers from the Dollar Tree shortly after. I tried to layout a pattern I liked with the skewers - but there was just something missing. Then - back to school season rolled around and the light bulb went off! Rulers would be perfect! So - I waited for a few weeks - until the rulers went on super sale ($.25 each) and scooped a bunch up!

So here is what I used!

$2.62 mirror from GoodWill
$1.00 pack of bamboo skewers
$.25 rulers (I used 16 of them $4.00)
And - my ever trusty Gorilla Glue

First I laid out a pattern -

Then I just flipped it over and glued it together!

All finished and in it's temporary home...

Back to Blogging!

Hey Guys!

I am back from my blogging hiatus! School and my photo biz has really kept me busy lately - but I am glad to be back! I miss being crafty and making things. I am working on a project now that should be done in a day or so! I can't wait to share it with you!

Here are a few pics from what has been keeping me busy! As always you can check out my work on my photography blog:

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