Terrific Tuesday Photos

Hey guys! I am going to make a few changes around the blog - sort of organizing things and trying to get a steady rhythm going for weekly post! To start things off I am designating Tuesday as Terrific Tuesday Photo day. Each week I will put up a few favorite photos (maybe just one) that I have taken (some for my photo business/clients and some I did just because) - just a little way to share one of my passions - photography!

Here are today's photos:

I had so much fun shooting this little girl and I absolutely love this photo!

This is from earlier this year - Feb I think...isn't the snow so pretty!

And last but not least:

Something Springy and purdy!

Stop by my photo "blogsite" for more photos by me!

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Katie said...

I love how you've edited this shot - a bit moody, but still so sweet! Wonderful balance! :)
Stopping by from SLT.

Laura said...

So precious! I love how it's edited :)

Faith said...

so SWEET!!
How did you get your "page" buttons to look SO good?!!!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

i love this photo i might vote for you at the trendy tree house, I am hosting a photo blog hop also mine is about outdoor clotheslines that are colorful and beautiful.

Faith said...

sorry about that. it's fixed!

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous. i could look at flowers all day

Meg said...

Those are so beautiful. I love the little girl pic! It turned out SO nice. Great talent!

Donna said...

Well, if these are for the Brenda Photo Challenge, I'll take them!! Gorgeous flowers!!
Well done!

June Coe Harris said...

Gorgeous roses in the snow! What a contrast! Great shot of the little girl too! Thanks for sharing!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

How adorable :) the roses with snow - stunning. The pink look like bluebells, though they're pink and are beautiful, my favorite.

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